The email I sent my coworkers this afternoon…

Tue 3/20/2012 12:28 PM

Subject: ‘sup Leafs Nation!?

Yes, the Habs are having a one-off season but wow, are we ever in a much better position than the Leafs.

We knew from late-Nov, early-Dec that our season was most likely going to be a write-off; and now, as we approach the final few games of this season, we’re sitting in a great spot to have a chance at a top 3 pick for the first time in a long time. 

Burkie’s had 4 years for his rebuild, but what has really changed? Major fail… time for him to go. Carlyle, the “defense first” coach came in to replace Wilson and the Leafs get blown out by the big bad Bs 8-0. Sure, it was the Bs but wow… brutal. At least the Habs are playing with more heart these days, trying to be spoilers and all. Cha-ching. 

Dion Pha-nothing? Is he really captain material? Even the “ballerina on skates” Mats Sundin (what Leafer Sonia refers to him as) was a better captain.

Phil the Thrill? Sure he can skate and can score but he’s in no way the 2-way youngin’ and upcoming superstar the Bs have in Tyler Seguin (…who can also skate and score), not to mention Jared Knight and Dougie Hamilton – the other two, huge pieces the Bruins received in return for Kessel. Ouch.

Too bad the ACC will always sell out regardless of how poorly the Leafs are doing. And too bad we’ll still continue to see those empty Platinum seats at the start of every 2nd and 3rd period for as long as… forever. Check out the Bell Centre – jam packed all the time.

The true city of hockey is Montreal y’all.

Boy, is it ever great to be a Habs fan, especially living in Toronto.

ps – We’re having fun too. Carey Price brought his lasso in the other day and was roping teammates in the dressing room! Hilarious! What a joker.

Oh, and Max Pacioretty… that is all. Booyah.

Peace out, Leafers. Perhaps we’ll see you at the golf course soon, unless a miracle happens in the next few weeks. Never say never… keep the truculence alive. There is still hope.




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Saying Go Habs Go – let it flow
I wanna celebrate a win tonight
Yelling Go Habs Go, Go Habs Go

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’cause that’s our plan, plan, plan, plan
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And now this is twice,
Yelling Go Habs Go
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I throw my hands up in the air sometimes
Saying Go Habs Go – let it flow
I wanna celebrate a win tonight
Yelling Go Habs Go, Go Habs Go

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